Mic Drops

Black Drop Interview Quotes

“Every person in the group has a distinctive style, and they bring their own personality and their own view of this world, from their own point of view.”

MP, Black Drop

“Our goal is to try to infuse our experiences to the music in a way that’s not being done today.”

O Tha Reel One, Black Drop

“Like for me hip hop is, like spiritualism, my religion. That’s what I need. Whether it’s writing it or listening to it, it’s something that just relaxes me or gives me a high.”

San Brown, Black Drop

“I mean for me, and probably for the group as a collective, it’s kind just bringing back that good music that had meaning. Especially in this climate where most of the songs are either about sexual things or money or jewelry and things that don’t matter at the end of the day. They’ve lost the soul. And as a collective, we are looking at putting out music that moves the soul of hip hop.”

Brotha Blink, Black Drop

“Classic Hip Hop is not bound by a timeframe. When it’s built on the foundations of Hip Hop, somebody can make something that is classic in 2018, 2022, 1982, or whatever. Classic Hip Hop to me is like soul music. It’s street soul music, ya know?”

Payback, Black Drop


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